Out of control living

This is the beginning.

Welcome to the out of control living blog. I am excited to get the page up, and find new friends to connect with! This has been a long time coming who’s time is now.

3.1.19 My goal is to post to this blog as often as possible, time permitting between running my contracting business, writing, and maintaining a vibrant marriage. If not always vibrant, at least life giving to both of us. We’re into our 32nd year XO

Notice I used the word maintaining. Better to maintain it now than pay spousal maintenance later, a condition that is in my history. Honesty is one of the core values I carry in life, and I want to carry that into my writing.

I want to be authentic, take off the masks, and share vulnerably to illustrate truth. I have to overcome fear of man, judgement by others, having acceptance and validation needs, like most of you do.

But I want to deal in the truth, and what’s real, otherwise it’s fake or religious, so why bother? As Brennan Manning states in Abba’s Child, I want to come out of hiding. Be my real self, instead of an imposter, trying to impress, or get my needs met though performance for acceptance.

Because of my story, history, and background, I will write a lot about relationships, spiritual growth, and taking responsibility. I will write about marriage, it’s presenting problems and solutions.. I have a marriage ministry background and am a relationship troubleshooting specialist, as I am in the electrical field. It’s how I’m wired, and I can see things that others can’t or don’t. It doesn’t make me anything, except able to help.

I Love Jesus, and serve Him with my life and my choices as much as I can. I will write about my relationship with Him, and the tension between Law and Grace that exists in the church, or religious circles. Legalism, and recovery from extremism is in my story.

I want to write to, and for others, to experience healing and comfort. I write for my own healing also, but out of that healing, and discovered grace, I can bring a more present, real, loving self to the page and to others.

By sharing story and truth, others can be liberated, and hopefully transformed by same wonderful Jesus, Heavenly Father, and Holy Spirit, who walk with me and hold my hand through the hardest places. Comfort, Hope, and Faith, are here for us all the time. My goal is to live in that reality. I hope to have a lot of followers.

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