Recommended Books


And the two shall become one flesh.”

Becoming one in conflict, meeting needs, honoring, & intimacy.

  • The 7 Conflicts; Tim & Joy Downs; Moody #Conflict
  • Fight Fair; Tim & Joy Downs; Moody   # Conflict
  • Boundaries in marriage; Drs. Cloud, Townsend; Zondervan  # boundaries
  • The DNA of relationships; Dr. Gary Smalley; Tyndale  #connect
  • Love & War; John & Stasi Eldredge;
  • The surprising way to a stronger marriage; Michael & Amy Smalley; Tyndale
  • The five love languages; Chapman  #connect
  • Loving solutions; Chapman; Northfield
  • Laugh your way to a better marriage; Gungor; Atria #connect
  • Love & Respect; Eggerichs; Nelson  #connect  #marriage

Surviving abuse; Journey to freedom, recovery

  • The Wounded heart; Allender; Navpress # recovery
  • Healing Presence; Leanne Payne; Baker
  • Addiction & Grace; Gerald May; Harper/Collins 
  • False Intimacy; Schaumburg; Navpress
  • Abba’s Child; Manning;
  • Naked Surrender; Comiskey; IVP

Protecting your marriage

  • Hedges; Loving your marriage enough to protect it. Jerry Jenkins
  • Every man’s battle; Arterburn & Stoeker; Waterbrook
  • His needs, Her needs; Harley; Revell